When it all falls. When it all falls down………….#ghostown ❤️#rebelheart

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Madonna shares ghastly photo on the set of “Ghosttown.”

Maybe it was all too much? Madonna’s “Ghosttown” is the next “Rebel Heart” track to get the music video treatment; a song about the inevitable destruction of humanity due to our limited acceptance in race and gender. Yay.

She posted several photos on set of the video’s shoot, and quite frankly Madonna really knows her apocalyptic angles.

Madonna On Ghosttown Music Video Set

I imagine Madonna’s incorporating all the trendiest morbid artifacts in 2015 for the video; zombies, Empire and she probably has Ariana Grande stuffed in a box somewhere on set for good luck. You never know what’s up with a Yogi.

The song is a refreshing release for the pop queen. She could have easily pushed for “***** I’m Madonna” or “Unapologetic *****” or another ***** song she has on her catalog, but instead she’s aiming for something with intellect and meaning. Perhaps the “Rebel Heart” leak fiasco gave Madonna no ***** regarding what singles she released, so we thank the jailed Israeli hacker for that.

“The way we behave, to treat one another the way we’re treating one another, to maintain this level of intolerance and discriminatory prejudice… hateful behavior towards other human beings who are different than you are,”

Keep an eye out for the music video next month!