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Madonna Offers Moment Of Silence At Stockholm Show

Madonna gives a 10-minute speech ahead of her “Like A Prayer” performance.


Madonna shared some insight regarding the senseless Paris attacks during her Rebel Heart show in Stockholm on Saturday (Nov. 14).

Madonna took 10 minutes out of her show to explain her feelings about the terrible tragedy that occurred on Friday, admitting she feels guilty for dancing and singing when so many people are crying over losing loved ones.

“It’s been very hard for me to get through this show and not forget about what happened last night. So I need to take this moment to acknowledge the tragedy. The tragic killings, assassinations and the senseless ending of precious life that occurred last night in Paris,” she said.

“In many ways, I feel torn. Like why am I up here dancing and having fun when people are crying over the loss of their loved ones?”

She initially wanted to cancel the show that night, but insisted by doing so the terrorists would win.

“But then I thought to myself, why should I give that to them? Why should I allow them to stop me. To stop us from enjoying freedom.”

After her speech, Madonna and the 40,000 spectators sang “Like A Prayer.” Watch below:

Following the show, Madonna posted on Instagram, “Thank you Stockholm! Tonight’s show was difficult but there was so much love in this room it made me feel like we were turning darkness into light. And that is our jobs as human beings!”

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