New moves!

Madonna’s getting back into the groove.


Madonna showed off some of her new moves in a video posted on Instagram. She’s not giving us a clear look at the newly-rehearsed choreography because she sped up the video into hyperspeed, but that’s not important.

What you should take away from this clip is that she’s wearing a police hat and that there is something she’s readying a new dance routine for.

Come through Queen!

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Some Days You want it to Go this FAST…………✈✈✈✈?????? @marlynortiz

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Madonna hit the recording studio over the weekend!

The Queen of Pop shared a couple of photos inside the recording booth and revealed she’s collaborating with some “brilliant” songwriters.

Madge recently opened up about her distaste towards songwriting camps, so this is a refreshing update.

See what’s good below then continue reading the previous report after that:



Yep……….???? #wait

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Where life Begins…………..????? #bitchimmadonna ?

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Good Tired ?

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Make Amazing Music with brilliant songwriters! ????♥? #secret

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The singer is hard at work on her Rebel Heart followup, and has been for quite some time now.

We don’t know much about it, but from what I’ve gathered it features Starrah, and could quite possibly include a collab with Cardi B and/or Migos. Maybe she hit up Marina and the Diamonds, too?


Madonna Shades The Music Industry: Remember When I Was Allowed To Be A Visionary?


Who knows when we’ll get the first taste of it, but the Queen of Pop wants you to know it’s coming. Just… be patient -______-

See Madonna’s post below:



Be Patient Bishes……………I have not forgotten what GOD put me on this ??? to do! ????????? ????#music #makes #the #people #come #together ? #patience ?? @nunoxico

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  1. Excited!! M never disappoints.. She may not always give us what we want.. but she never phones it in. She puts her heart and soul into whatever she puts out..

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