Madonna, err… Madame X is back!

It’s been a big week for Madonna fans! The Queen of Pop announced her new album is titled Madame X. The cover and 15-song tracklist also arrived. It features collaborations from Quavo, Swae Lee, Anitta and two with Maluma. Check it out here.

The first official release is “Medellín,” featuring Maluma. A Latin-tinged mid-tempo that combines pop with rhythmic dance (cha cha cha, aye yaye yaye) in the best way.

The two will also perform it together at the upcoming Billboard Music Awards.

On it, Madonna revels in nostalgia from her earlier days pre-fame. “I took a pill and had a dream,” she croons in the opening line. “I went back to my 17 year. Allowed my self to be naiive / to be someone I’ve never been.”

Maluma rides in with a couple of sugary verses that roll off the tongue.

Elsewhere on the track, Madonna whispers an intoxicating 1-2 step count and encourages the listener to cha cha.

“The whole inspiration for this record was completely and utterly based on going out in Lisbon and trying to make friends,” Madonna told Beats 1 host Julie Adenuga. “Portugal is such a melting pot for so many different cultures—there’s a lot of people from Brazil, Angola, Spain. You can stand out on a balcony and hear some incredible voice carrying through the starlit sky, and it’s just so magical you can’t help but be inspired by it.”

“I met him backstage at the Video Music Awards,” she said. “And then I heard from his manager that he wanted to collaborate with me. I told that to [producer] Mirwais and we started listening to his music more closely, thinking, ‘Okay, how can we do something slightly different but that still has a connection to the music that he makes?’ You could say it’s Latin because we’re singing in Spanish, but I feel like calling it that puts it into too small a category. Please don’t do that.”

I’m impressed! I didn’t expect Madonna and Maluma to have as much chemistry on a song together as they do. I can only imagine how seductive the video will be – it drops next Wednesday, 4/24 at 1pm PST.

Listen below:

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