Madonna and Maluma heat up the small screen with their new clip.

Madonna’s new music video for “Medellín,” the lead single off her forthcoming album, Madame X, has finally arrived.

She kicks off the clip with a whispered-introduction explaining who Madame X then cha cha chas into a choreography taught by the legend herself. Zaddy Maluma takes part in the dance, but the chemistry between the two becomes so intense that they take things to the bedroom.

Cuddling up in bed together, Madonna and Maluma share a few intimate moments (Queen even licks his toes – I’ve always wanted to be Madonna, but never more than today).

Their romance is a fairytale of sorts. The two end up tying the knot – Madonna struts across an oversized dining table towards her groom and gives him a smooch and a lap dance. Then the two ride off into the sunset together on horses.

The “Medellin” has bits of controversy, but it’s a seductive, risqué love story of two pop forces joining in holy matrimony. It’s not what I expected, but I’m pleasantly surprised. Their vibe together is undeniably joyous, and a reminder that life, despite all the doom and gloom the Internet presents us, should be celebrated.

Watch below:

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