*****, she’s Madonna.


Care to begin your week by cringing so hard that your face actually hurts? Madge has got you covered.

During his headlining set at Coachella last night, Drake got more than he bargained for when he invited Madonna on stage following a particularly strange rendition of her 1995 classic, “Human Nature”.

Wearing a t-shirt that said ‘Big as Madonna’ and sporting her now signature grillz, M bumped and grinded to some of her classic tunes, including world-wide smash “Hung Up” (to which she appeared to have a little trouble remembering the lyrics) and the original #unapologeticbitch anthem, “Human Nature”.

It so much wasn’t the performance itself as it was what came afterwards that’s got everyone so riled up:

Um, okay.

 photo justin reaction gif_zpsqbrsilbt.gif

The incident was clearly unplanned, as Drake flailed and tried to grab M’s hair (not a smart move, Drizzy) and then asked the crowd “What the f— just happened?” as the Material Girl exited the stage, offering “*****, I’m Madonna” as the only explanation for her bizarre/amazing behaviour.

As you will undoubtedly remember, Madonna locking lips with her younger contemporaries for publicity is nothing new, and clearly Britney’s influence is still real.

Thoughts, feelings?