Madonna Booed At Vegas ‘Madame X’ Show For Being Late, Concert-Goers Reportedly Chant “Refund”

November 8, 2019 By Jordan Miller

Madame X is… late.

Florals? In spring? Groundbreaking. Madonna? Causing controversy? You get the idea…

The Queen of Pop’s Madame X tour is plagued with problems. Injuries, cancellations, postponements, no cell phones allowed and a moved start time are leaving a bad taste in fans’ mouths. Things continue to take a turn.

The latest mishap happened at Madonna’s show in Las Vegas at the Colosseum inside Caesars Palace.

Despite permanently moving the show from its original 8:30 pm time slot to 10:30 pm, M didn’t take the stage for another hour and a half – just after midnight. Some people in attendance were annoyed, so it didn’t help that Madonna ribs the audience by essentially calling them poor, cursing up a storm and explaining her political views. It reportedly resulted in boos and chants for refunds.


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