A cancelled date (without explanation) has fans up in arms.

From the beginning, Madonna’s Madame X Tour has caused quite a stir. Before the endeavor even began, the Queen of Pop delayed the opening dates.

“Madame X is a perfectionist and wants to give you the most unique, magical, and musical experience,” Madonna said in a statement at the time. “She underestimated the amount of time it would take to bring this kind of intimate theatrical experience to you and wants it to be perfect!!! Thank you so much for your understanding.”

She has just cancelled the opening date of the L.A. leg, which was originally scheduled to take place November 12th at The Wiltern.

Fans who planned on attending the night of the 12th are out of luck, as no additional dates will be added to make up for the last-minute change.

The residency will now begin on September 13th.


The other nine performances will take place on November 14, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24 and 25 as scheduled.

That’s not the only gripe. TicketMaster is sending ticket holders a heads up that Madonna’s show will no longer start at 8:30 p.m., rather it’s been moved to 10:30 p.m. (yes, including on weekdays, because what’s work?). Prior to this, fans would arrive to the venue expecting the show to go on around 8:30 or 9:30, but Madonna was hours late. They made the change official.

Oh, and don’t bother bringing your smart phone… Madame X wants fans to enjoy a digital free experience.

Thoughts on the several Madame X Tour mishaps? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  1. Madonna’s Madame X tour is a massive endeavor. She is known to put a lot in her show. Things are going to come up. Changes will be made as she travels the world with her tour. She was never supposed to bring Madame X to San Francisco but then it was announced she would. I was so scared I wouldn’t get tickets but then my partner & I did. We can’t wait to see Madame X tour with Madonna. I love that she’s trying a small venue. I know the tickets were expensive. But nobody but Madonna is worth it. I gladly paid this much for a chance to see her. Madonna rules. And any changes made to your, Madonna has given advance notice. No surprises. She’s already done over 20 shows & start time has always been around 11 pm. How could anybody not know that. I’m glad she’s taking our cell phones. & I cannot wait to hear mainly Madame X Tracks. Madonna is worth all these things. I’m just so thankful to God I get to see her.

  2. Gosh. I’m so sick of her. I‘d be so pissed too, if I‘d bought (expensive) tickets (and support her), and she wouldn’t show any respect by getting her a**e on stage. Latest since her ESC disaster, she‘s dead to me. Byeeee Madame X👋🏻

      1. sorry, if Madonna was all about perfection then her ESC wouldn’t have been the mess it was! and this whole ERA wouldn’t have been the mess it was. That album had the potential to sell well. she needs to drop these wack as **** personas and just be Madonna!

  3. I am so sick of the complaining. It is like you people think Madonna purposely hurt her knee or wants to cancel. If you know her or love her at all, you would know she is a professional! I had to wait 4 hours for Prince once and it was amazing. No one complained at all. I saw Madonna in Brooklyn and it was amazing. Totally worth the wait. And the best part was not having to rely on my cell phone to get that quick picture or look at it when I was waiting. It made me talk to the people around me. Who ever wrote the article should also re read their work before publishing it. You have The LA show opening in September when it is November. I bet Madonna would have caught that.

    1. For me it‘s just unprofessional, if you continuously come on stage late. I‘m a teacher and can‘t be late too. It‘s not that hart tbh. Plus, for me, my time is more worth than waiting for an artist.

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