Madonna Postpones The ‘Madame X’ Tour To Nurse A Knee Injury

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Look, you’re not a bonafide touring pop icon unless you’re battling an injury whilst on tour.

Britney Spears famously injured her knee while filming a music video for “Outrageous” and had to cancel the remainder of the Onyx Hotel Tour. Lady Gaga powered through a very serious hip injury during the Born This Way Ball which forced her into surgery. Madonna is no stranger to the battle scars a pop star must endure whilst on stage. Unfortunately, she’s fallen victim to a knee injury and was forced to put the Madame X residency on ice for several days.

“Unfortunately, Madonna’s Madame X concert this evening at BAM Howard Gilman Opera House is postponed. Madonna is currently dealing with a knee injury and has been advised rest for the next three days to assist in her recovery.”

Madonna released a personal statement via Instagram.

Its Hard for Madame ❌ to admit that she is also a human being made of flesh and blood and she must rest for the next 3 days to insure full recovery for her knee. 

I am not a quitter. This hurts me more than you can imagine. Its time to take those heels and fishnets off for a few days! 👠. Thank you for your understanding. ♥️. See you very soon !!

A knee injury can’t keep the Queen down for long. The Madame X concerts this Thursday, October 10th and Saturday, October 12th are expected to proceed as scheduled.

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