Madonna Is The Richest Recording Artist Of All Time

December 2, 2014 By Jordan Miller

Madonna Is The Richest Musician Of All Time

Madonna is the Queen and we are her peasants.

She is the world’s wealthiest recording artist, surpassing Paul McCartney who’s worth an estimated $660 million and Dr. Dre worth $650 million.

So how much is Madonna worth?

$800 million freaking dollars!

Meanwhile, I’m working the corner to pay my rent.

The Top 10 richest according to WealthX:

1) Madonna $800 million
2) Paul McCartney $660 million
3) Dr. Dre $650 million
4) Diddy $640 million
5) Celine Dion $630 million
6) Bono $590 million
7) Mariah Carey $520 million
8) Jay Z $510 million
9) Elton John $450 million
10) Beyonce $440 million

How much are YOU worth?