Madonna recently opened up to Rolling Stone about Britney’s “Sticky & Sweet” appearance.

Rolling Stone asked: “Britney Spears was featured in a video clip during “Human Nature” in your Sticky & Sweet show. She’s stuck in an elevator and starts to go crazy. Is that how you analogize what’s happened in her career?”

Madonna: Yes. Didn’t that explain what I thought? “I’m not your *****, don’t hang your **** on me.” I just think people should mind their own business and let her grow up. I think everyone goes off the deep end at one time or another, and she, like Michael Jackson, didn’t really have a childhood, so there are some inherent problems in that scenario. I have a lot of compassion for her, and I hope that she can find balance in her life. I don’t know how bad her meltdown was. One can’t believe everything one reads.

EW, then she works with GAGA???

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