Madonna Has Plans To Direct A Movie

November 7, 2016 By Jordan Miller

Madonna is full of surprises.


Madonna is full of surprises.

You never know what’s going to come out of Madonna’s mouth. Whether it’s her promise to give a ******** to anyone who votes for Hillary Clinton, or calling Donald Trump a clown while choking out her friend who dressed as the Presidential nominee, it’s all a crap shoot. So are we surprised to hear Madonna has plans to direct a movie of sorts in the new year? Not so much.

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Taking a break from sporadic social media bombings, Madonna got back to business during a promotional run advertising her MDNA Skin care line debuting in China. She touched on the Rebel Heart Tour DVD, which airs on Showtime next month, and announced plans to return to the director’s chair.

“I hope I’m gonna be directing a film,” she says, then quips: “so, how do you like those apples?”

What does this mean?

For one, the “Material Girl” has to wipe away the bad taste in critics’ mouths following her most-recent directorial endeavor, W.E., a biographical film about the affair between King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson.

It also means a new album is not her primary focus, and that’s never good.

In the same sit-down, Madonna also douses the room with her MDNA Rose Toner, because it’s the “Unapologetic *****” singer’s “favorite smell in the world.” And is now yours, too.

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