Madonna’s “***** I’m Madonna” performance reminds us why she is the Queen.

Madonna killed her performance of “***** I’m Madonna” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday!

We must admit, the revelation Madonna is promoting “***** I’m Madonna” versus other “Rebel Heart” tracks like “Icon” or “Hold Tight” had us shaking our head in disappointment, but after watching this clever, high-energy performance of the Diplo-produced track, we sort of changed our mind.

Madonna opened with a carefully choreographed, pre-taped segment backstage at The Tonight Show. Before she kicks the door down to reveal Diplo’s in on it, she’s prancing and gyrating through the hallways, sporting her new straight blonde locks and polished grill.

Following her backstage shenanigans, Madonna makes her way out to cause a ruckus in the audience. She dry-humps an unsuspecting man’s entire head before executing air-******* atop Fallon’s desk. Nicki Minaj raps a verse in the song, but her cameo played out through pictures flashing behind Madge as she air-humped a wall.

I’m sensing a pattern.

We may not want “***** I’m Madonna” as the next single, but there’s no denying the Queen put on a ridiculously animated performance for the club banger.

She also sang “Holiday” with Fallon:

What’d YOU think of Madonna’s “***** I’m Madonna” performance?