Madonna is no stranger to harsh comments, and her performance at Eurovision was no exception.

Despite a grand stage, dozens of dancers, lighting magic and controversy, The Queen of Pop’s performance was met with harsh criticism.

Her first song selection, “Like A Prayer,” remains controversial to this day. Surrounded by cloaked dancers, Madonna soaked up the spotlight as gongs and other theatrical elements heightened the moment.

When she dove into her next song, “Future,” featuring Quavo, it was a reminder of just how long Madonna has been in the game, and how her music has changed over time.

“Future” is an auto-tuned delight, but it doesn’t translate well in a live setting. The clip uploaded to YouTube is actually edited with a cleaner vocal impression – the original, which aired for millions of people – was considerably less pleasant. The Guardian called it “excruciating.”

She ended the nine-minute spectacle with the words “wake up” emblazoned on a screen behind her before plunging backwards off the stage – a political statement and a call to action for peace between Israel and Palestine.

Madame X still knows how to make people talk.

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