Proving that there are no hard feelings after he beat her to number 1 this week, Madonna has snagged Terrance Howard for her new video.

“Living for Love” may have failed to make any meaningful chart impact, but Madonna won’t let that stop her as she readies the video for the second single to be taken from ‘Rebel Heart’. Whilst talking about the upcoming visual, the diva had some interesting things to say about the clip’s co-star.

Get all the details below:

Billboard have reported that Madge will call on veteran actor and star of Fox’s ‘Empire’, Terrance Howard, for “Ghosttown’s” video. They state that the “Like a Virgin” star made the claim yesterday, but it’s unclear where or when, although presumably the chat took place during her week-long residency on The Ellen Show.

Hopefully this’ll be a good move for Madonna. The cynic in me sees it as a very deliberate ploy for popularity – bringing on an actor from a show so popular that it bested her on the Billboard charts – but there’s no reason for that to be a bad thing. If there’s one thing the Material Girl has always been good at, it’s marketing herself, and if she needs a little push to get ‘the kids’ interested again, then why the hell not?

Whilst details about the video are scarce, we do know that Jonas Akerlund will be directing it – another piece of undeniable good news as he’s directed some of Madonna’s finest visuals, including the Grammy Award winning clip for “Ray of Light” and the extremely controversial original cut of “American Life.”

The song itself also seems to be a good choice for M. Although I wouldn’t have picked it as the strongest track on ‘Rebel Heart’, there’s no denying that it’s a fan favorite and her live performances of the single have so far been stellar (the best being her outing on the Jonathan Ross Show last Saturday.)

Will it slay on the radio? Unlikely. Radio have proven that they’re unwilling to give Madonna or her music a chance to shine this time around and there’s no sign of that changing anytime soon. Hopefully the video will give the song the boost it needs to really get into the public consciousness.

Do YOU think “Ghosttown” will be a success story for Madonna?