We need Britney, the world needs Britney, Madonna?… needs Britney! According to new reports, “Madonna is said to be ‘desperate’ to help Britney get her career back on track.”

Madge is determined to help Britney, who has already filmed a short cameo for the tour, regain her pop princess crown, and has even allegedly asked Britney to appear in a few shows for Madonna’s “Sticky & Sweet” tour. But “the stars are said to be planning something bigger,” reports the site.

A source reveals, “Madonna knows that Britney looks up to her and since they appeared together at VMAs in 2003 they have remained good friends. Madonna’s desperate to help Britney out and now that she is on the mend. Madonna feels she can really do something to help her boost her career.

“She knows Britney needs all the good press she can get so she has offered a chance to be a part of her tour on the Los Angeles leg in November. Everyone is trying to keep the exact plans hush-hush so it is more of a surprise.”

Britney, in an exclusive interview with OK! Magazine last week, said she will see Madonna’s “Sticky & Sweet” show in L.A. in November. No official confirmation as to whether or not Britney will appear live.

The tour (featuring Britney’s cameo) kicks off Saturday, August 23rd in Wales.

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