Madame X is… a visual artist.

The Queen of Pop kicked off the new era with “Medellín,” featuring Maluma, followed by a promotional single with “I Rise.” Madonna’s next official single is “Crave,” featuring Swae Lee. On the chill, eclectic tune, Madonna sings about dangerous cravings for love.

“I’m tired of being far away from home / Far from working home, far from where it’s safe / Hope it’s not too late,” Madonna croons over an icy trap beat crafted by Mike Dean and Billboard. “Rush, rush, rush on you, love, love, loved on you / Love you like a fool, put my trust in you.”

Swae Lee has a large presence on “Crave.” He handles a couple of the verses and even duets with the Queen. “You’re on me, I don’t think you should wait (Wait),” he sings. “You’re only one pull up away (Away) / You’re down to ride, ride me like a wave (Ride, yeah) / I gave you a sensation (Ooh).”

You can look forward to hearing these new songs in intimate performances at Madge’s upcoming Madame X Theatre Tour. Read more about that here.

There’s a newly-premiered video for the song. In it, Madonna and Swae Lee dance separately in understated worlds above and below a stark cityscape. Watch below:

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