“Britney Can’t Keep Up To Madonna”

March 9, 2007 By Jordan Miller

I stumbled across an “interesting” update on Madonna’s official website The headline “Material girl is still on top” stared at me, and as I gazed in a confused daze, I made sure to check I wasn’t on I opened the story, and found myself in a state of laughter and bewilderment that any part of Madonna’s website team actually allowed a post like this to be published. The article goes on to mock Britney, and provides no evidence to support their bold statements: “”You’ve had a nice run, kid.” Now try to keep that up for two more decades,” she seems to have been saying.” I continued reading the article and was honestly offended and appalled at what I read next. Britney not only has been stepped on / over by Madonna in her career, but in her personal life too: “That Britney couldn’t even keep it up for one tenth that time – while Madonna blithely re-adjusted her crown and moved on – says everything about the difference between the two stars’ approach to their careers and lives.”

To me, this article was completely unnecessary, and awkwardly random. The post really had no new material or news to report on, that was even relevant to Madonna. Instead it took a jab at pop artists as a whole, and name-dropping Britney, calling her out on her personal affairs over-shadowing her career. As I recall, Madonna had a few issues in her twenties, which is conveniently left out. On top of that, Madonna and has even publicly stated her support for Britney, which contradicts whatever point the writer is trying to prove. I suggest the webmaster / poster of this article takes a good hard look at themselves, and ask them how do Madonna fans benefit from their slander and harsh words.

It’s one thing to read such statements in tabloids and gossip blogs, but on an official website that represents a world-wide icon is another. While I do realize that Madonna has no relation to this article directly, she does have an obligation and responsibility to be informed what is being posted on her website before it is actually published. In the end, it reflects on Madonna, and not the “no shades of gray” writer. To read the entire article posted at, continue reading below. As Madonna gets ready to conquer yet another field – fashion designer – it points up just how far she stands out from the current wave of stars hogging the ink.

While other gawk-worthy celebs suffer meltdowns or embarrass themselves with ugly epithets, Madonna forever floats above the fray. She has triumphed by keeping her toes planted on the treadmill and her mind firmly on the bottom line.

It’s ironic that a woman who initially rose to popularity on the strength of controversy should sustain that career by clean living. In fact, Madonna famously maintains an eating and exercise schedule that could make Jack LaLanne look slovenly and a work ethic feverish enough to flip Donald Trump’s hair.

It makes for a particularly brutal contrast to the woman who looked, just a year and a half ago, like her obvious successor.

When Madonna planted that big wet one on Britney Spears’ kisser at the MTV Awards, everyone viewed it as the ultimate passing of the torch: the grand dame graciously handing off her crown to a new generation’s pop tart.

Now, it looks like the opposite was happening. Madonna was apparently laying down a gauntlet and offering up a challenge. “You’ve had a nice run, kid,” she seems to have been saying. “Now try to keep that up for two more decades.”

That Britney couldn’t even keep it up for one tenth that time – while Madonna blithely re-adjusted her crown and moved on – says everything about the difference between the two stars’ approach to their careers and lives.

Madonna’s method gave her yet another rousing career resurrection in the last two years. Her just-in-time return-to-the-club album, “Confessions on a Dance Floor,” brought her back to multiplatinum sales after suffering her one (and only) poor-selling stinker of a CD, “American Life.” Madonna’s subsequent tour, last summer, was the most lucrative of the season.

While Cher has sustained an impossibly lengthy career as well, hers slogged through long desert stretches before finding fresh water. Madonna has danced from oasis to oasis with barely a dry patch in sight. Now 48, she gives every sign of being able to carry her pop torch for as long as she so desires.