In Italy.

Madonna Chose "Hold Tight" As Next "Rebel Heart" Single?

Madonna’s decision to release “Hold Tight” as a single excuses her Picasso comparison.

“***** I’m Madonna” was a valiant effort from the pop queen to remind our youth she’s famous for more than promoting the provocative, however the song failed to infiltrate mainstream culture despite using the word “*****” in the title. The kids love saying “*****!”

Madonna’s album release strategy has seen more downs than ups since its initial leak no thanks to an Israeli hacker (who was sentenced to prison), however her plan to release “Hold Tight” as a single, at least in Italy, is one of the best decisions she’s made this era. That includes wearing the Armani cape.

We hope to see it get a release in the states with a proper understated video treatment. “Hold Tight” serves as a staple in the Rebel Heart catalogue because it reminds us Madonna isn’t only aiming for that next headline or scandal – she still makes great music.

“Hold Tight” drops on Italian radio tomorrow, July 24.