Quavo’s new album features a collaboration with Madonna and Cardi B on the same track.

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I did not see this coming, nor am I entirely sure how to feel about Quavo’s Madonna & Cardi-assisted track, “CHAMPAGNE ROSÉ.”

It’s definitely experimental? Interesting? It’s something.

The Queen of Pop’s voice was tweaked to the high heavens and slinks along the Murda Beats-produced track for most of the song. It’s certainly a different sound for her.

“Please fill my cup Champagne Rosé / It’s my name,” Madonna politely talk-sings. It’s incessant and hypnotic. 

Cardi’s part is an icy rap… a warning, really.

“They say my time is tickin’ / These hoes is optimistic,” she raps. “Somebody told you not to **** with me / I would listen (Nope) / Now this big mama (Big) / Big watch, big charm / I get pissed off, you get pissed on.”

Listen below:

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