Innovative Queen.

UPDATE: The rumors were true! Madonna and Maluma’s CGI-tastic performance of “Medellín” at the Billboard Music Awards, which featured different Madonnas from several eras, was a visual spectacle. Watch below:


Madonna and Maluma are performing “Medellín” for the first time at the Billboard Music Awards on Wednesday, and according to a new report from TMZ, expect something out of this world.

Madonna is reportedly shelling out $5 million of her own money to fund the 7-minute performance, which will include cutting-edge technology to project holograms alongside green screen CGI.

Her camp is billing it as one of the most ambitious live televised performances ever attempted.

Fans are split when it comes to “Medellín.” Some just aren’t feeling it, but I personally think it’s incredible. Madonna wants to convince the naysayers that her new evolution is a step forward with this performance. It’s costing her several million, but her art is priceless.

In other news… Madonna’s next single(!!!) is reportedly titled “I Rise” and drops on Friday.

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