When will your favs?

When will your favs?

Madonna turned to social media to find her next personal dance trainer, and it could be YOU. She created the hashtag #MadonnaChallenge competition in collaboration with DanceOn, the entertainment dance company she co-founded, and posted a video explaining the rules. They are as follows:

1. Create a 60-second video showing off your best dance and fitness workouts. The first 30 seconds should showcase your dance moves, while the second portion should highlight your fitness regimen.

2. Post your video to either YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (as many as you like) and use BOTH #DanceOn AND #MadonnaChallenge.

3. Fill out the form located here with a link to your video.

Looking forward to seeing my fellow gays slithering around to “***** I’m Madonna” online. Good luck!

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