Madonna’s best-performing ‘Madame X’ song might not get a video treatment.

Madonna’s new album Madame X is out, and it’s brilliant. Read our review here.

Unsurprisingly, the most-streamed song on the record is the Anitta-assisted banger, “Faz Gostoso.” It’s actually a cover first put forth by Brazilian singer Blaya.

Madonna and Anitta’s version has already amassed millions of streams on Spotify and YouTube in just several days. It also lit up social media in the time since, and fans of both artists are thirsty for a video – there’s real song of the summer potential here, but a video is a must.

Unfortunately, it appears Madonna has already selected all of her Madame X singles, and at the moment it doesn’t appear “Faz Gostoso” is one of them. And even if it was, she’s not in a position to create a video for it. According to the Queen of pop, who is worth a reported $600 million, there’s no budget to make a video.

She reportedly told an interviewer it would cost $300,000. He actually laughed in the interview at the notion there wasn’t a budget for it, and she responded by saying “you’re not taking me seriously.”

I think if enough fans put pressure on the two pop divas, a video will be made. I can already see the colorful smoke bomb explosions and *** shaking a “Faz Gostoso” video will inevitably have. Any rich fans out there reading BH? Slide into Madonna’s DMs will ya? Then mine afterward.

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