Madonna hands Katy Perry a banana-flask and the rest is history.

Madonna Air-Humps Katy Perry On Rebel Heart Stage

We didn’t see it coming, but we aren’t exactly surprised.

Every show, Madonna invites a not-so-unsuspecting fan on stage for a little innocent fun… with a banana. That’s a flask. Filled with alcohol.

At her Rebel Heart stop at The Forum in Inglewood, CA on Tuesday (Oct. 27), Madonna reunited with her “***** I’m Madonna” co-star, Katy Perry, bending the “Roar” singer over, dry-******* her from behind and spanking her derrière.

Perry asks Madonna what day it is. “Tuesday,” she responds. Perry says, “See you Friday!,” before taking a huge swig from the flask. She does her best to play it off, but only for a moment until the after-taste kicks in.

Per usual, there’s plenty of footage to watch what went down:

Well, that was unrehearsed but ?? ILY @madonna my ?QUEEN? #Repost @bahjournalist

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Because all popstars are code "mom" #meta @madonna #Repost @tiersz

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Best Unapologetic ***** ever! Thank you Katy! Thank you L.A. ❤️#rebelhearttour

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Sharing a Banana with Katy Perry‼️ Highlight of my show at the Forum! Thanks Katherine????? ❤️#rebelhearttour

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