Many meanings.

Singer-songwriter Madison Beer’s new song “Dead” has many meanings.

The indie-pop star opened up to BreatheHeavy on the pink carpet outside the T-Mobile Arena ahead of the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday (May 21) about her new tune, “Dead.” She released a mysterious ’80s-tinged lyric video for the track on Friday.

“People have taken a lot of different routes about what it means,” she told us. “I thought it meant, ‘you break up with someone, and they say they couldn’t live without you, so why aren’t they dead yet?” She adds: “It was kind of just a play on words. A lot of people have taken it in other ways and made it into their own stories, which I think is really cool; I like when people do that.”

Another possible meaning? “Someone I heard said that they felt like it was me saying it to myself. You know when you feel depressed or sad? They took it like that. Asking myself, ‘why are you still breathing if you’re not being yourself?’”

I asked if she wants to leave it open for interpretation. “Yea!” she said. “I want people to listen to it and take what they take from it.”

In a press release prior to our interview, Beer had this to say: “It’s about a situation myself and so many others find themselves in when you feel ignored and not loved in a relationship, yet you’re still hearing empty words like ‘I can’t live without you,’ and it tears you up inside so I wanted to make the anthem for staying strong through this moment and not taking any ****!”

If you like what you hear, “Dead” is just one of many new tunes Beer has up her sleeve. “I’m going to start pumping out music more frequently,” she said. “It’s been over a year since I put something out. ‘Dead’ is just one of many.” Beer also confirmed she “definitely” has plans to release an album at some point.

Check out the “Dead” lyric video below:

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