Madelin flips the script.

Madelin pushes societal boundaries in her new song and music video for “Good List.”

The singer-songwriter is premiering her new visual on BreatheHeavy today (May 2), a defiant, introspective take on embracing a woman’s sexuality and the power that she harnesses from it. The clip also sheds light on the objectification of women by “flipping that trope and objectifying men instead.”

“Good List” is the first single off of Madelin’s upcoming self-titled EP out May 19th. Check out the video and our Q&A below:

– What’s the inspiration behind the music video?

“For the ‘Good List’ video we wanted to shine a light on female objectification by flipping that trope and objectifying men instead. We wanted to bring to light the absurdity of the way women are portrayed in pop culture and music videos as well as draw attention to how normalized those misogynistic images are in our culture. I hope that when people see this video it will make them think twice the next time they watch a male artist’s music video in which the females are treated as sexual objects. I also want this video to show that everyone is free to be a sexual being on their own terms without a stigma attached. I want to convey that expressing your sexuality is not inherently negative. However, when the female sexuality in mainstream pop culture is constructed by men, for men, that is a problem. I want all people regardless of gender to feel empowered to own their self expression, whatever that may be.”

What do you mean with the lyric, “Alive at midnight cause it’s alright.”

This lyric was inspired by the slogan, ‘Women unite. Take back the night.’ As a female, or queer individual, navigating our surroundings is completely different than it is for cis males. We have to always think of our safety first. Walking alone at night is dangerous for us. We aren’t granted the same sense of freedom to exist unharmed that straight males are. This lyric is about our right as people to be anywhere at any time without the threat of assault. As a woman, simply walking alone at midnight is an act of protest.

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Some of the inspiration behind “Good List” is about your experience being cat called on the street – there’s a scene where you’re walking down the street *******. What’s the significance of that?

“I wanted to show ownership of my body. Women are taught from childhood through pop culture that their bodies are inherently sexual. We are taught to cover our breasts while our male counterparts are free to expose their chest’s freely. The idea that our bodies exist for the entertainment of men is so saturated. I wanted to show that as a female we need to take back our bodies and use them how we want to. I envision a world where bodies can exist on the terms of their owners, where women can feel safe enough to walk down the street ******* in the summer time without being harassed or arrested. That world is a far off dream, but I wanted to show a glimpse of it in this video.”

Any words of wisdom to women who have experienced a situation of physical or mental abuse?

“As a survivor of sexual abuse myself, I know that its something that never completely fades from our consciousness. However, I strongly encourage anyone struggling with the emotional or physical aftermath of sexual or mental assault or abuse to seek help! Talk about your experience to someone you can trust. That could be a friend, a family member, or a therapist. If you don’t feel safe enough to talk to someone you know, their are also sexual and mental abuse hotlines you can call. The National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline’s contact is 800.656.HOPE (4673). The first step to feeling like yourself again is to talk about your feelings surrounding your experience. Know that what happened to you is NOT YOUR FAULT. It DOES NOT define you as a person. I stand with you in solidarity. I LOVE YOU! ”

“I want to encourage everyone to express themselves to the fullest. Life is about planting seeds. If you find something that interests you, even if none of your friends think its cool or understand it, EXPLORE IT ANYWAY! Plant that seed! You never know which one will grow into a beautiful peach tree. Remember that our haters are our teachers. Thats something I heard Rupaul say last weekend at Drag Con and it really resonated with me. Negative people teach us how NOT to be. Don’t let the negativity of others cloud your self perception. Your potential is LIMITLESS!”

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