Macy wishes for social change in her new holiday song.


Macy Gray wants something more than presents this Christmas.

Macy Gray released a Christmas song yesterday, and although it may share a nearly identical title to Mariah Carey’s classic “All I Want for Christmas is You”, the songs really could not be more different.

Instead of the usual light-hearted holiday fare, the “I Try” singer’s holiday song “All I Want for Christmas” is a politically-charged plea for change. Macy starts off the song by noting that what she is wishing for this Christmas can’t be bought at a store, because what she really wants is to make the world a better place. She then goes on to list the important political and social changes that she is wishing for this holiday season, including gun control and free health care.

Don’t let the cheery melody fool you, these are serious issues that the “Time of My Life” singer is taking on. Other items on Macy’s Xmas list include more opportunity for those less fortunate, better care for the environment and stronger action to stop global warming.

Throughout the song, Gray does not shy away from sharing what she believes in and even takes a jab at presidential hopeful Donald Trump with the lyric: “that Mr. Trump he’s an entertaining guy, but let’s face it really, is he qualified?”

Ultimately, the song is a plea for peace: “Santa can you swing more love? More peace? Cuz that’s what everybody needs” she sings in the chorus, asking Santa, and the listener, to “come save the world” with her.

Check out the song’s lyric video here:

The song itself is quite catchy and we commend Macy for bringing light to important issues this Christmas. It’s a good reminder that, while presents and material things can be nice, they aren’t everything. We could all use more peace this holiday season.

What do you think of Macy’s take on a holiday tune?