More ******** reports have surfaced regarding Lynne’s new book “Through The Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World,” and it’s not lookin’ pretty.

According to The Sun, Lynne discusses her struggles with Britney as a teen, her regrets in the business, and Britney’s alleged drug use and *** life.

“Lynne claims 14-year-old Britney then had *** with an 18-year-old high school footballer soon after she quit the TV show,” whom Britney lost her virginity to. Soon after Britney began to date Justin, she slept with him. A source said: “Lynne thought Britney was in love and Justin was good for her.”

“And she had her first taste of drugs at 15 when she went to Los Angeles to record her debut album ‘Baby One More Time,'” reports the site. “Lynne’s book reportedly tells of her horror when Britney, still just 16, was caught with cocaine and cannabis on a private jet.”

As for Britney’s infamous naughty-but-nice image in the earlier years? “Lynne tells how she regrets handing over control of Britney’s career to managers and allowing her daughter to be promoted as a *** object in raunchy videos at such a young age.”

The book, out September 16th, is said to deepen the rift between the mom and daughter – despite them being seen together just last week. Hope the rumors are just that… rumors.

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