Lynne Was Shocked By Britney’s Early Pregnancy

September 1, 2005 By Jordan Miller

BRITNEY SPEARS’ mother LYNNE was shocked when her famous daughter became pregnant so quickly after her marriage, but has gradually warmed to the idea of becoming a “hot grandma”. Spears and husband KEVIN FEDERLINE wed in September 2004 after a whirlwind five-month romance and are expecting their first child this month (SEP05). While Spears’ mother Lynne initially thought her 23-year-old daughter would wait a few years before starting a family, she is now excited about becoming a grandmother at the age of 50. Spears enthuses, “(At first, Mom was) taken aback. I think she thought I was probably going to wait a little bit, be married for a while. “But those weren’t the plans of Britney! “She’s going to be a hot grandma. And I’m going to be a hot mom.”

Source: Contact Music