Lynne Spears wants Britney to hire a live-in stylist because she’s reportedly “unhappy” with Brit’s laid-back style.

Britney looks great at events, but is photographed in jeans or sweats by pesky paps on her days off. Lynne’s taking it upon herself to get Britney dolled up 24/7 so her daughter always looks in tip-top shape.

“Lynne’s suggesting she [Britney] has a live-in make-up artist and stylist from now on,” the insider told UK magazine Heat. “She thinks being pictured looking a mess all the time could affect Britney’s reputation.”

Britney’s never one to care about what she looks like on her days off. Keywords: days off.

“Britney was a child star and has been looked after since day one,” a music insider explained. “When she’s not on stage or on a project she seems to fall back into bad ways.”

Britney has reportedly told friends she sometimes “forgets to shower” and wears her hair up because she “can’t be bothered to brush it”.

It’s only natural for someone’s mom to get on their case about looking their best, but that’s a reason why we love Brit Brit; she DGAF. Stay true to yourself, Brit!


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