Is Lynne playing match-maker?

According to new reports, Lynne is trying to get Britney and Kevin back together. Lynne, who describes Kevin as “kind hearted”and “down to earth” in her new book Through The Storm, wants the two to reunite for the sake of their two sons Sean and Jayden.

A source said: “Kevin has apologized to Britney for his failings as a husband and said he wanted a fresh start. He confessed she is the love of his life, his soulmate and was sorry things went so wrong between them.”

Apparently Britney is “thrilled” by Kevin’s apology, and feels she’s finally getting back her personal life she lost so publicly.

The source added to the National Enquirer magazine: “Not only is her career going well but it looks like her love life might be too. Britney never got over Kevin and she hopes this is the first step towards them reconciling. She knows a lot has happened but at least she knows he loves her.”

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