Britney Spears has reportedly had enough of husband Kevin Federline. After days of speculation, new details on Spears allegedly giving her husband the heave ho have hit the front page. “Kevin has had a very hard time accepting that he has to be a responsible adult and behave as a father and a husband,” said Us Weekly’s Katrina Szish. “And Britney is sick of it.” Szish says the final straw was Kevin’s meeting with an alleged marijuana dealer in the driveway of their Malibu mansion. “Not only did Britney kick Kevin out of the house, but she also cancelled his access to all of her credit cards and had two of his cars towed from the property,” Szish added. After getting the boot late last week, Federline headed to Vegas, while Britney reportedly took off for her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana, to be with her mom Lynne. “Her mom is very clear about the fact that she doesn’t think Kevin is right for Britney,” Szish told us. “And [she] even suggests that maybe she shouldn’t have married him to begin with.” While both Kevin and Britney have now returned to Los Angeles, Federline continues to stay with friends, and for the time being, there is no sign of the couple patching things up.

Credit: britneyglamour

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