Lynne Spears has a friend, y’all! Seriously!

“Real Housewives of New York City’s” Jill Zarin tells her, Lynne and Lynne’s granddaughter Maddie Briann enjoyed a girls night out at Manhattan restaurant Kenmare this week.


“I met Lynne a few years ago backstage with [my daughter] Ali at Britney’s concert at the Meadowlands [Sports Complex in New Jersey], we just connected and we kept in touch,” Zarin tells PEOPLE. “When Lynne comes to town we try to meet and catch up. She called me a couple of months ago and said she was coming to New York.”

Zarin says the friendship is unexpected, but the two bond over motherhood.

“It is [surprising],” she says, “I mean I’m a Jewish girl from Long Island, and she’s from Louisiana, so you couldn’t get more apples and oranges. (Both have also authored books about motherhood.) “But we’re both moms who love our kids and who would do anything to protect them. And Ally and Jamie Lynn are around the same age.”

“Lynn and Jill have been friends for years, they have stayed in touch and they got together for a brief dinner at Kenmare [restaurant],” said a source to Fox News. “There were definitely no cameras involved – you won’t see it on ‘The Real Housewives of New York’.”

“Jamie Lynn is looking at colleges,” the insider told “Jamie Lynn wants to go to college and Lynn needed some guidance. Jill and Lynn are friends and they end up talking a lot about what their daughters are up to. Jill’s daughter Ally is going away to school and Jill has been involved in the process every step of the way. Jill helped Ally write her application – she was hands on during the process.”

Jamie Lynn is barking up the wrong tree!

“Lynn knows that Jill helped Ally and she has very little experience in this area,” the source said. “Jill knows all about the applications and follow-up and Lynn needed an idea of what to expect with Jamie Lynn doing it.”

Jamie Lynn received her GED two years ago, but has focused on motherhood since having her daughter.

“Jamie Lynn is ready to continue her education. It was difficult being a young mom, but she’s doing it and she’s ready for a new challenge,” said the source, who did not know how Spears planned on taking care of Maddie while in school. “College would be great for her – she’s very smart. Lynn is so supportive of all of her kids, and she would love to see Jamie Lynn earn a college degree.”

As for the new BFFs?

“We talked about Mother’s Day, what we got, about New Orleans, about traveling,” Zarin says of their dinner.

“Her kids are doing fantastic. Her grandkids are her life. She looks amazing. She’s in amazing shape; she works out. She was really happy.

Glad Lynne is in amazing shape, whether she took the easy route or not!

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