Lynne Spears is appealing Lutfi’s lawsuit against her for defamation, libel and intentional infliction of emotional distress after her book, “Through The Storm,” made malicious accusations against him.

Her defense?

Lynne’s lawyers claim Sam Lutfi’s reputation is so low already that he is “libel-proof,” according to

“‘Sam’ Lutfi is one of the rare individuals to whom the libel-proof doctrine would apply,” the woman’s lawyers stated in their state 2nd District appeals court filing. The arguments are being heard at the court in downtown Los Angeles.

Lynne’s lawyers make about as much sense as she does!

Lutfi had argued in court papers that “it became virtually impossible for me to be seen anywhere in public without someone yelling insults and racial slurs at me” as a result of the book.

Earlier in the month, Lynne filed an opening brief and avoided a judge dismissing her appeal due to missing a deadline in February, according to Fair News Spears.

Sounds like her lawyers didn’t have enough time to come up with a defense! And the best they could come up with is “libel-proof?”


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