Lynne Files Papers Requesting Lutfi Not Call Expert Witness

October 17, 2012 By Jordan Miller

Lynne Spears filed papers in the defamation trial asking the judge to block Sam Lutfi from labeling her an anti-Semite, reports

Lynne labeled Lutfi a “Svengali” in her book, “Through The Storm,” a name used to describe a person who controls others through deceitful means. The word refers to a “Wandering Jew” character in Christian mythology.

From TMZ:

“Lynne was afraid Sam — who is Jewish — would run with the “Svengali” reference and use it to label her an anti-Semite during the defamation trial — by calling an expert witness to testify about the anti-Semitic roots of the word.”

The judge reportedly signed off on her request because it’s not relevant.

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