There’s no way Showbizspy got a quote from Lynne about Britney. Unless she was secretly interviewed on a plane again. Heh. Even still, take this next report with a grain of salt. And a shot of vodka. What? It’s only Tuesday – I need that extra something to get me through the week.

According to the site, Lynne has “confirmed” that Britney has plans to hit the road for a world tour soon. “She’s releasing music, she has plans to do tours and some other little secrets that I can’t tell you,” Lynne reportedly says. “It’s going to be fabulous though.”

First of all, Lynne doesn’t use the word fabulous. Only Intern Adam and my 200 pound platinum blond aunt uses that word.

Britney, who has been seen at the International Dance Academy several times in the last few weeks, is currently auditioning dancers for her upcoming music video and tour a source reveals to

The reports also claims that Britney is “furious” over the 40-second leaked clip of her first single “Womanizer.” A source said, “She is finally getting herself back on the straight and narrow, but is still finding it hard to trust people again. The fact someone has secretly recorded rehearsals and leaked her single on to the Internet has really upset her.”

JIVE, who stated in a press release the single would be released Monday, September 22nd, has since pushed back the radio release due to negative feedback on the Internet, thus re-entering the studio for more mixing and editing to improve its quality. The song is now currently scheduled to be released to radio on Monday, September 29th, with a digital release slated for October 7th.

“She’s really nervous about her comeback, probably more than last time,” the source continued.

“Circus,” Britney’s 6th studio-album, is scheduled for a December 2nd release; her 27th birthday. Official plans for a tour have not yet been announced, only speculated.

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