“Here, Britney! You’re going to love these clothes you bought for you!”

Lynne Spears is not happy with her daughter, y’all!

She thinks Britney’s a slob! Well, not exactly… According to new reports, Gamma Lynne is urging her daughter to have an “image overhaul and update her wardrobe.”

Lynne, who pays for you to always look your best?

The rumor suggests Britney wants to look casual for a change since ending her “Circus” tour last year and focus on motherhood.

“Britney’s a low-maintenance girl and hates the fact that she’s always supposed to look like she’s stepped off a catwalk. She wears her hair up most of the time because she can’t be bothered to blow-dry it,” a source revealed. “She even moaned recently: ‘I’m on my down time now. If I don’t have stylists to make me look good I don’t know how to do it myself!’”

Lynne objects!

“Lynne’s told Brit she should be proud of her superstar status and stop dressing like ‘a girl from Louisiana.’ Britney says she’s never had the greatest style when left to her own devices. She likes what other people think are quite trashy clothes and doesn’t want to pretend to be someone she’s not,” the source added to Closer magazine. “Her mum knows people often joke how Britney’s clothes look thrown together, but no matter how many times they row about it, Brit refuses to listen to advice. She says how she dresses in her free time is the only thing left she can control.”

Now we know Lynne’s opinion on Britney’s style, but I wonder what she thinks about her daughter under a conservatorship to Jamie.

Image: x17online.com

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