We’re not sure if Britney’s still wondering if Lindsay Lohan is lyke ok lyke, but from the looks of it she’s not. Lilo recently appeared on David Letterman, who grilled her about her upcoming rehab stint, which got Britney fans talking about interviews Britney’s conducted in the recent years. We simply can’t imagine Letterman harping on Britney in the same way (not that her life shares any close parallels to Lindsay besides the fame microscope), but some fans do think Brit’s latest interviews are guarded.

Check out this Exhale conversation between members Steebie and Alli482.

Steebie: “I don’t believe interviews should be controlled.. If you’re a celebrity, you have agreed to let your personal life be put out there. People will have questions; answer them. The general public has about a million of them for Britney. Really hoping for an in depth interview for the eigth era to finally answer the questions we all have. Lindsay was kind of a ***** imo. I’m guessing she was promoting her cameo in Scary Movie 5, was she expecting to be only asked about that?! She’s not Cady Heron anymore, she’s LIndsay Lohan, the junkie. She’s famous for being a mess, obviously there will be questions about that in any interview she does now. She’s been a hot mess longer than she was actually an A list actress. Britney is a different story.. She’s been the princess of pop for many, many years & her breakdown is just a small (yet iconic) part of her career, but I don’t think questions about it should be off the table..”

Alli482: “I totally agree with you but I think Letterman went at it wrong and was incredibly unprofessional. The way he went about it is more likely to turn a user off from talking than making them want to talk. I feel like Lindsay was completely justified in getting a little bitchy.
I’d love for an in depth interview for Britney for era 8 but it won’t happen. Her interviews are so controlled it’s insane.”

Should Britney be more candid in interviews, or has she given us enough of herself over the years and should remain more private?

Check out the interview:

Sidenote: Lindsay handled it extremely well, minus the death stare.

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