Sam Lutfi is officially taking Lynne Spears to trial in January 2012 for defamation and libel from allegations in her book “Through The Storm.”

Court papers say “By referencing Mr. Lutfi’s ethnicity and skin color … then fabricating the claim that he was drugging Britney to keep her under his mental control … Mrs. Spears was paralleling the stereotyped Svengali character … who used hypnotism to control, exploit and sexually ravish … a young Scottish-English Singer.’”

Lynne claims it doesn’t matter how badly she spoke of Lutfi, saying his name is “libel-proof” because his likeness was so poor before her book that his reputation couldn’t be tarnished any further.

Lutfi’s lawyer, Joseph D. Schleimer, says the “libel-proof” defense is ridiculous.

“Historically that concept has been applied to plaintiffs who have been convicted of heinous crimes. Mr. Lutfi, by contrast has been convicted of nothing.”
Lynne’s representation says her words are free speech.

Lynne tried to appeal the suit, but was denied.

To be continued…

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