Things aren’t looking too hot for Sam Lutfi in his defamation, battery and breach of contract lawsuit against the Spears family.

Media attending the trial think the judge will throw out the case because Lutfi failed to prove anything and end the trial.

Lynne and Jamie Spears refuse to settle this suit, unlike the agreements reached in the sexual harassment lawsuit against an ex-bodyguard or the $10 million breach of contract lawsuit with Brand Sense.

They’ll reportedly spend a million dollars on lawyers to defend the lawsuit brought on by Lutfi versus ever settling, and Lutfi won’t give up that easy too.

Sources connected to the trial tell Lutfi’ll file an appeal, but provided a counteroffer this week.

From recently filed docs:

First, Lynne Spears pays $1 and provides a written apology for trashing Sam
in her book.

Second, James Parnell pays $1 and provides a written apology for assaulting
and threatening Mr. Lutfi.

Third, the Conservators dismiss the Conservatorship, and once Britney has her capacity restored, she can decide for herself how much — if anything — she wants to pay Sam Lutfi for services rendered.

Britney’s conservatorship judge Reva Goetz barred Britney from testifying in this trial, saying it’d be detrimental to her well-being.

The trial resumes Thursday afternoon.

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