Though Sam Lutfi spent four days testifying on the witness stand for his defamation, breach of contract and battery lawsuits, one reporter on scene thinks the case will be thrown out.

On Tuesday, the judge in this case ruled Britney will not testify, despite Lutfi requesting her presence as his final witness. Britney’s conservatorship judge ruled before the trial began forcing Britney to testify will be detrimental to her well-being.

Said the reporter:

“Thursday afternoon, the judge will hear the defendant’s ‘nonsuit’ motion–meaning they will argue Lutfi didn’t prove anything & the case should end now.”

Taking the stand today was paparazzo Adnan Ghalib, who dated Britney during the troubling era, as well as X17 photographer Filipe Teixiera.

Ghalib claimed Lynne asked him to blame Lutfi for Britney’s behavior to the press, but he refused.

Lutfi is seeking $960,000 for the eight months he served as Britney’s “manager.” If he loses, Britney could sue Lutfi and ask a judge to reimburse her for her legal fees nearing a million dollars.

The trial resumes on Thursday.

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