Britney’s ex-manager, Sam Lutfi, claims Lynne Spears is a biggot after she made remarks about Lutfi’s Middle Eastern heritage in her memoir “Through The Storm”, according to new reports.

Lutfi’s lawyer filed a “47-page brief Tuesday with the 2nd District Court of Appeal that argues for upholding a decision reached in August by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Zaven V. Sinanian.”

Lynne Spears appealed that ruling, claiming Lutfi was “libel-proof,” meaning his reputation was already far too damaged for any of her claims to hurt further.

Lynne wrote Lutfi was “a swarthy man of Middle Eastern heritage,” a “shifty man who wears ratty clothing and engages in hostility, cruelty and lies…”

Lutfi says Lynne compared him to the anti-Semitic villain of the George du Maurier novel, “Trilby,” in a section in her book titled “Svengali.”

“By referencing Mr. Lutfi’s ethnicity and skin color … then fabricating the claim that he was drugging Britney to keep her under his mental control … Mrs. Spears was paralleling the stereotyped Svengali character … who used hypnotism to control, exploit and sexually ravish … a young Scottish- English Singer” named Trilby O’Ferrall, Lutfi’s court papers state.

Lynne’s apparent comparisons to Lutfi’s ethnicity are “swarthy … constituted bigotry and further evidence of malice,” Lutfi’s court papers state. “The fact that Mr. Lutfi was subjected to racial epithets after publication of the book was … both foreseeable and intended.”

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