Ex-manager Sam Lutfi, who’s suing Lynne Spears for slander, libel and defamation for passages in her book “Through The Storm” that claimed Lutfi was a strong negative influence on Britney, is “asking a judge to order Lynne to turn over bank records, mortgage statements, property tax bills, credit card statements, loan statements, conservatorship actions which Lynne has been paid, and other financial information which will establish how much Mama Spears’ net worth is,” claims RadarOnline.com.

Says Lutfi’s lawyer in the recently filed court docs:

“Good cause exists to demand such production because Mr. Lutfi has a strong claim of punitive damages based on his cause of action for libel, which is backed by his own deposition testimony and corroborated in substantial part, by documentary evidence, and the corroborating deposition testimony of Lynne Irene Spears, I received a set of blanket objections to produce the records in question.”

Britney’s recent engagement doesn’t mean a wedding is in the near future; she won’t head down the aisle until this case is settled as her team fears she might be deposed in the case.

“Lawyers for Britney’s conservatorship have been successful in keeping her from being deposed in the Lutfi litigation, and the lawsuit involving her Elizabeth Arden fragrance. First of all, everyone involved wants Britney to get married once the conservatorship has been lifted.”

Britney could get married under the conservatorship, but the judge would have to sign off on it.

“If that were to happen, lawyers repping Lutfi would absolutely go into court and argue that if Britney were able to get married, she should be able to be deposed. There is no way Team Spears is going to let that happen.”

“It will likely be a long engagement, which is fine with Britney and Jason. They are 100% solid and very much in love.”

The saga continues January 23 at the next court hearing.

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