Neville tells us her latest single is about “waiting to get back to your old self.”

Lucy Neville emerged onto the music scene with her song “On My Own,” and today Neville delivers a powerful and punchy follow up with her second single titled “Lady,” a dreamy electro-pop track that shows off her smooth sound backed by delicate synth production.

“I was inspired to write ‘Lady’ as a reflection of a past relationship,” Neville says of the song to “It was an opportunity to look back and see clearly how I would lie to myself so I wouldn’t have to walk away. When you love someone it can be hard to see that they’re not good for you, and so the song is about waiting to get back to your old self.”

She adds the music video depicts a passionate and powerful story of love and heartache.

“The video is intense and emotional,” she continues, “and we wanted to try and bring in different layers that reflect which it’s like to be in a dysfunctional relationship. The intense colors, the dark silhouettes, the different shades of reality and emotion that cloud your judgement. That’s definitely what the video represents to me. No matter what, there’s still that determined version of you waiting to break free. You are all it takes to be liberated.”

Watch the “Lady” music video below: