It was originally set for release in late 2004 and was to be a holiday gift for Britney’s fans. However, Jive Records decided to not release it after Spears’ blew out her knee while filming a music video for the song “Outrageous” and wouldn’t be able to promote it to the extent they planned. After this no future release date was determined and no other songs were recorded. Jive wanted to release something though to keep Britney’s name out there and make her fans happy so they rushed out a Greatest Hits compilation with little promotion. There is no information on any future possible release dates.

Since Jive decided to cancel the album a lot of tracks that were planned to be recorded never were. Britney is said to have only recorded a few of the 10 songs she was planning to record. No further information is available at this time.

Jive also said that the album will include the classical “Silent Night” and some songs written by Britney, the titles weren’t fully confirmed. Also some sites have said that “Love Under The Tree”, “Toy Soldiers”, “December Night”, “Merry Christmas Baby”, “Snow Angels” and “Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town” were to be released on the album.

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