Just a little taste.

Louis Tomlinson dropped a new song titled “Kill My Mind.” The former One Direction alum laced the track with traces of rock.

“It’s a song that I’ve had for four or five months,” he said. “Literally since I’ve recorded it I’ve been really, really excited, really proud of what we’ve ended up with. I’m really happy with where we got to on this one.”

“The devil in my brain / Whispering my name / I can hear it sayin’, “Ah, ah, ah”/ I can ease the pain / Just a little taste babe / And ya won’t let go of your hold on me,” Louis sings.

“You kill my mind/ Raise my body back to life / And I don’t know what I’d do without you now.”

“Kill My Mind” is Tomlinson’s fifth solo release since departing the band in 2015.

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