That’s what makes you beautiful?

For ages, a major sector of the energized One Direction fanbase have suspected that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson were an item behind-the-scenes. Alas, Larries were born. Larries is a hybrid of the guys’ names, kinda like Brangelina, only with better hair.

Once upon a time, BreatheHeavy wrote extensively about a conspiracy theory involving Louis Tomlinson. It’s a fascinating read that deserves your undivided attention.

Despite Tomlinson denying any intimate involvement with Harry (even as recently as 2017, he said: “Obviously there’s no truth to it. Obviously.”), the term was revitalized on HBO’s Drake-produced hit series, Euphoria, which details teenage dramas and addiction.

The latest episode features an animated *** scene between Harry and Louis. To give you a little better idea of how, what, and why… it’s based off a teenage girl’s fan-fiction story. It shows Harry giving Louis oral backstage on the Take Me Home Tour. I can’t make this stuff up, people.

It’s worth mentioning Louis did not co-sign this.  “I can categorically say that I was not contacted nor did I approve it,” he Tweeted regarding the scene.

I know it shouldn’t, but this clip makes me…. feel things.

Watch it below, then head over to our Exhale community and fill us in on what you think.

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