Did he lie?

Did he lie?

Louis Tomlinson had a few choice words for the recently-released Coachella lineup. The lineup confirmed what many had speculated – that Eminem and The Weeknd would join Beyonce as the other headliners.

The lineup also revealed a ton of solo acts, like SZA, Cardi B, Miguel and more, and it isn’t impressing some festival-goers who are in it for the bands… including Louis Tomlinson. You know, one-fifth of one of the biggest bands of all-time.

“Just seen the Coachella line up …. Where the **** are all the bands !?,” he wrote. “It’s a festival !?”

Naturally, the Internet had no chill. Twitter users began to point out the obvious – that perhaps a lot of the bands are on a break or have disbanded. Erm, I hope you can read between the lines.

It’s also quite brave of Louis to throw some shade when Beyonce is involved. Y’all know how the BeyHive operates.

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