A toxic love.

A toxic love.

Louis Tomlinson tested the electro-house waters with his Steve Aoki-assisted banger “Just Hold On,” and his latest single, “Back To You,” featuring Bebe Rexha, is cut from the same cloth. But instead of injecting massive drops and monstrous beats, Tomlinson and Rexha croon over a building beat crafted by British producer Digital Farm Animals.

Rexha kicks off the track (at times, it actually feels like the song is a release from Bebe’s All Your Fault Part II EP). “I know you say you know me, know me well / But these days I don’t even know myself, no” she sings. “I always thought I’d be with someone else / I thought I would own the way I felt.”

Tomlinson picks up where Rexha left off. “I know my friends they give me bad advice,” he sings. “Like move on, get you out my mind / But don’t you think I haven’t even tried / You got me cornered and my hands are tied.”

The production grows and the two partake in a duet together. The lyrics describe a tumultuous pair of lovers that can’t live without one another.

What’s the biggest takeaway? The track isn’t an instant summer smash. That’s a good thing – there’s time for it to find a comfy spot in the Top 40 and bubble up the charts. There’s also room for DJ masterminds to throw in production gymnastics and rework it for the clubs. It’s a thumbs up from me.

Stream “Back To You” below:

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