Lot’s Of Rumors about MP:GH

October 28, 2004 By Jordan Miller

JIVE NOT EXPECTING MUCH FROM GREATEST HITS: Jive will not have high expectations of Britney’s latest album due to the fact that Britney will not be Promoting the album. Although Jive isn’t expecting much they are hoping for another # 1 debut.

STILL NOT OUT OF THE ZONE?: Rumor has it that Breathe On Me and I’ve Just Begun Having My Fun are potential singles off Greatest Hits. Jive wanted to put Breathe On Me out as a single but it was bumped after Me Against The Music added Madonna, and CATWOMAN wanted Outrageous. The release of the singles will depend on how well each of the two singles that are officially going to be released ( My Prerogative and Do Somthin’) and if Britney if healed enough to dance in the videos.

ONE MORE APPEARENCE…. Britney is said to make one more national appearence before going into her “break” this year. She is said to be on SNL later this year. Will this be her last appearence for a while? We highly doubt that.

BRITNEY NOT SATISFIED WITH ALBUM PICTURE: The Latest Rumors about Greatest Hits album is that Britney is said to be Unhappy with the image that Jive used for the cover. Britney has stated that her blonde days are over and the picture is 2 years old. Will the album come out with another cover?
Remember these are all RUMORS. thanks Britney Spears.org